Saturday, July 16, 2005

Dembski's Dishonesty

I went over to Dembski's website to have a little chat, but got banished from posting there as soon as I pointed out that proof for design in nature is just that, and nothing more. I first explained that I had a valid point that you would never hear a "neo-Darwinist" putting forth, which got his attention long enough to delay the inevitable, but he gave me the boot when I explained that the only way to prove "intelligent design" was to produce a very old alien space-craft with the blue-prints for human construction hanging from the drawing board, otherwise, it requires an unfounded leap of faith to assume that his proof for design in nature was anything more than that.

Not only that, but he then removed two of my posts in order to manipulate the context to make it appear like I have something to gain by promoting this book... which is a lie, because I have no affiliation with these Dorion Sagan and Eric Schneider, except that they have independently derived one aspect of the same theory that I discovered.

Anyway, I figured that it was time that somebody spoke-up for nature, that isn't dishonestly motivated by the ideological bias that plagues both sides of the debate.

I intend to use this blog to convey the middle-ground truth that lies between the fanatical bookends of the creation evolution debate in order that people will have an alternative to the rightous insanity of both.

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