Friday, May 12, 2006

Our Evolutionary Universe

The most popular models these days are inflationary multiverse theories... but I prefer a single perpetually evolving model, where the cosmological constant gets a little bit smaller each time that there is a big bang, as it is the effort toward absolute supersymmetry that drives the process.

In other words, the energy of the universe has an eternally inherent imperfection or imbalance that causes it to keep moving toward the reconcilliation of this disequilibrium through an endless series of leap/bangs.

The physics that provides the mechanism for it is actually incredibly simple and can be demonstrated in a sealed jar, or by the pseudo-negative pressure density that's produced by the Casimir effect.


Neil' said...


Thanks for finding and posting to my blog (Did you navigate from the discussion about Lisa Randall?) At both sites, I summarize my own findings that momentum and energy would not be conserved in EM interactions with other than three space dimensions. This is direct, about the net forces between charges in certain circumstances.

I don't see a direct connection to your musings, but certainly these lines of thought challenge the viability of various possible spaces ("selection among possible vacua") instead of just the highly speculative dynamics of their formation via brane interactions, etc.

island said...

No, actually I found your site by blog searching for the words, "anthropic and 3D".

But if my physics is correct, (and I have yet to find a single physicist that can show me why it isn't), then there is no need for string theory, loop quantum gravity, nor even inflationary theory.

Unfortunately, I'm not advanced eough to write down the basis of wave functions in this background, including an expansion of the field in corresponding creation and annihilation operators - compute the stress-energy tensor in that background - quantitatively describe the vacua - and then work out the matrix elements of the stress-energy tensor between the vacuum and the one-particle states.

... or I'd prove it myself.

Regardless, I think that I have established that Einstein was not wrong until somebody does the math that proves that I am.

I'll write a post explaining what I mean by that.

Anonymous said...

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