Sunday, May 14, 2006

Unification of the Forces...

Before I go any further I want to outline the reasons for the physics that I've been discussing:

1) A true "special" anthropic constraint on the forces of the universe should necessitate a connection to the human evolutionary process. It would be silly to think otherwise if given the strongest implications that come with an anthropic cosmological principle, so the prediction is self-evident given these combined circumstances.

2) Which means that there should be a mechanism that enables a predominantly entropic universe to leap/bang to higher orders of entropic efficiency, just like we humans did when we lept from apes to harness fire, and beyond...

So, the fact that this is true for us, serves as support for the validity of the hypothesis as an empirically supported theory.

3) Instead of expansion/recollapse, multiverse, or, uh... "babyverses", the universe simply convolves traits or characteristics inherently forward by the exact same mechanism that we do, just as one realy should expect from a true anthropic constraint on the forces of the universe.

4) In this context, the theory of evolution becomes the theory of everything when the anthropic principle explains *why* the forces cannot be unified... no many how times the universe leaps for absolute supersymmetry.

It's all about the inherently imbalanced journey, "alfie", not arriving anywhere... when it can be very simply proven that the second law of thermodynamics is *never* violated.

It would be insane to willfully ignore this highly obvious extension.

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