Saturday, September 23, 2006

Horganism and John Baez

Don’t go into particle physics! Especially don’t waste your time on string theory, or loop-space theory, or multi-universe theories, or any of the other pseudo-scientific crap in physics and cosmology that we science journalists love so much.

John Horgan's position is this, and it's not bad. He essentially thinks that he is fully qualified to know where and when things went wrong, as he was tight in the loop of cutting-edge theory when grand predictions were made by many leading physicists that did not pan out in reasonable time. He sees them as grasping at straws now, because he experienced first-hand, the break in the timeline of theoretical progress, and he is absolutely correct when he says this!

Neither String Theory, nor Loop Quantum Gravity has produced what they should have long ago, so many treasured assumptions about both are becoming more highly suspect every day. Does that stop anyone?... hell no... they just invent some more fantasy fizixes to try to fix a carried flaw, which can't be done.

None of them want to admit this, and they continue to grasp at straws, while thumbing their noses at the possibility that they missed something fundamental in the development of quantum theory, when Dirac's Equation should have unified both, SR and GR with QM, instead of only SR. These people will scoff at any suggestion in this direction, they are the "cutting-edge", after all, and some stuff about quantum theory is verified to extremely high degrees of accuracy, even though they can't tell you what that really means.

Brilliant mathematical physicists like, John Baez, do not just drop completely out of physics to purely persue math for no reason. I hope that I don't misquote him, but his explanation was a resigned admission that;

"Somebody will write down a theory of quantum gravity, but it isn't going to be me".

Guys like John Baez don't hang it up if there's any realistic hope in their mind, and I don't care what optimism for background independence or whatever new approach that he may express in public.

Guys like John Baez don't hang it up if there's any realistic hope for the methods that have most-hotly been persued.

This is a clear indication of a more-fundamental flaw than theorists are going to be willing to recognize until they are grasping for literal straws of survival as the walls of modern theoretical physics begin to crumble when John Baez' actions and public admission becomes a fulfilled prediction about a major flaw that exists in all of particle theory.

Mark my words.


Anonymous said...

Guys like John Baez do real physics research. You play at doing physics research. That's the simple truth, and no amount of claiming any scientist who counters your fringe theories are 'wilfully ignorant' will change that.

You're a great comedian though. All this AP stuff is comedy gold. It's kept me amused for ages.

island said...

Put-up or shut-up, punk

Anonymous said...

That's a great response. You just put up the same thing you roll out to everyone else. You can't really address the fact that you're playing at science, and that the only outlet you have for your play science is by spamming science blogs with this 'anthropic' bilge.

And to be quite frank, it's even a strange version of that, in that it's a human-centered one.

I went and looked you up, and you've clearly claimed that it's for someone else to do your math rather than you. If you truly had something special there, you'd go and you'd write it up yourself, rather than saying 'someone else better than me'. But hey, you can't do the math yourself, so attacking physicists who can strikes me as a bit rich. You know why you're never taken seriously?

You just go and bother people who do have real careers and wouldn't want to waste time on these crazy ideas. But then... why would anyone want to?

'write down the basis of wave functions in this background, including an expansion of the field in corresponding creation and annihilation operators - compute the stress-energy tensor in that background - quantitatively describe the vacua - and then work out the matrix elements of the stress-energy tensor between the vacuum and the one-particle states.'

If this was done, it'd probably prove there was nothing to your claims. But you'd probably say it was 'wilfully done wrong' or something else as part of a bit conspiracy to silence you. You'd never accept that your are wrong and move on.

Of course, the reason why no physicist you harangue will do this is they have better things to think about than this. At least string theory and LQG have real math in them. You just have words and insults. I can't help but wonder why no-one will take you seriously, again...

The reason why you probably have no endorsers for arXiv or a journal is that you're always rude to those scientists who calmly and politely debate your ideas with you. Maybe if you treated them with a bit more respect than constantly going on about how flawed they all are you'd get more respect for your fringe views.

I've been a bit rude, but hey, that's all I've ever seen from you. And again, saying 'punk'... I never used any specific insult at you, and yet you lower the tone. I just expressed amusement at you.

Be a bit more polite to those whose blogs you spam, rather than resorting to name calling and accusations of 'wilful denial' when you don't like what you hear. You might get somewhere then.

But if no-one does take you seriously hey - you're still funnier than they are. Not Gene Ray hilarious, but funny nonetheless.

island said...

That's a great response. You just put up the same thing you roll out to everyone else. You can't really address the fact that you're playing at science...

No, you mean that you CAN'T address the point, so you went on a selective search of ammunition for character assassination, instead.

For example, I never gave this astronomer/cosmologist/instructor anything but respect, because he was straight-up and honest, unlike you, or your lame attempts to hit below the belt.

Same here... a difference of opinion, maybe, but no disrespect, because it was not warrented.

Your attacks on my character are selectively chosen. If you bothered to look for all information, rather than that which strictly suites your purpose here, then you'd find at least two physicists right here in my blog that agree my physics and my assessment of the anthropic principle has merrit.

So, you unsupported opinion is noted... filed, and forgotten.

Neo-Darwinian Extremist Loserman-lettterman-phillips-adams said...

Ultimately, island, you shoot yourself down. You never needed anyone else to make you look stupid.

I would have been more tolerant of you if I hadn't seen the amount of crap that you've posted on the blogs of people who had done nothing but express an opinion contrary to what you think is right.

And my computer's finished its simulation now. That means I have real physics to attend to, and my time playing with you is over.

I'll see you somewhere no doubt, making a scene with your bizarre human-centric theories.

Have fun calling me names. I've gotten nothing but amusement out of this...

island said...

Again and again I challenge this punk to address the physics, but all I get is more bullshit attacks without physics content.

This clown is so full of meaningless words that he must be a string theorist... ;)

Neo-Darwinist Loserman-Letterman-Phillips-Adams said...

Didn't non-commutative field theory mean anything to you? I guess you don't know what that is...

But as I said, it's not a challenge to your physics. It's about threadcrapping, and how you might get more respect if you just debated without resorting to personal attacks after someone says something you don't like.

I'm just seeing how you react to someone who behaves like you do on so many other blogs. It's comedy gold.

island said...

Didn't non-commutative field theory mean anything to you?

Did you not notice that the background changes as soon as you start generating matter?... I guess that you don't know what this means.