Friday, February 23, 2007

Our Darwinian Universe

Instead of being “designed”, think of the observed anthropic cosmological constraint on the forces of the universe as an *inherent* energy conservation law that enables the universe to periodically “leap/bang” to higher orders of the same basic configuration in order to preserve causality, the arrow of time, and the second law of thermodynamics... indefinitely... ... ...

Then you have a perpetually evolving structure, where all of the so-called "anthropic problems" are resolved without need for apparent absurdities, like inflation or a singularity, when a causally connected universe with volume has a big bang, which also resolves all of the “anthropic problems”, found here, as well as the rest of them:

The following is one of many valid examples that can be found on this site of the physics that proves how this mechanism works via asymmetric transitions that occur when we and others like us make matter/antimatter particles from the rarefied mass-energy which comprises this vacuum that science abandoned long-ago:

(this new information makes apparent the cosmological model naturally produces a theory of quantum gravity in a constantly changing background.)

Open challenge

This is the asymmetrical thermodynamic function, as it is referred to by Richard Dawkins as the "anti-chance mechanism" of natural selection:

Dawkins said:
Natural selection is an anti-chance process, which gradually builds up complexity, step by tiny step. The end product of this ratcheting process is an eye, or a heart, or a brain - a device whose improbable complexity is utterly baffling until you spot the gentle ramp that leads up to it.


An Antrhopic Cosmological Principle necessarily defines a Darwinian Universe.

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